film. books. theatre. food. history.

I love writing about all of those. But that’s not all I can do.

Over the course of my writing life, I have written about artists’ homes, giant robotic insects, freak shows, and the meanings of blonde hair. I have conducted interviews with burlesque dancers, composers, prominent scientists, actors, directors, and a family living with bowel disease.

That’s what I love about freelance writing—it’s diverse and always fascinating.

As well as teaching for 11 years at CQUniversity in Queensland, I have also had many “real jobs”, including managing a three-screen art-house cinema, and baking at a café called Sweet Stuff. I have worked in communications for the Rochester Museum and Science Centre, Queensland Health, and CQUniversity.

I currently contribute to  NewtownReviewofBooks.com.au.


Jeannette Delamoir