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Beginning October 2014: Book reviews, Newtown Review of Books

January-August 2015: Interviews and reviews, Aussie Theatre



Short pieces commissioned by the National Film and Sound Archive in 2015 for the website

Even Major-Generals Die in Battle

12,000 Aussies Send Their Love to “Little Mary”

Brother Turk Thankful

Percy’s First Holiday

Officer 666

The First “War Year” Melbourne Cup: 1915

Charlie Chaplin at the Sydney Show?

Seven Keys to Baldpate

Tamworth Celebrates the 8-Hour Day and War Efforts

“It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”

“Shine, Sir?” Kiwi Boot Polish Advertisement

Neptune’s Daughter

“The Most Valuable Shipment of Films”

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Gannett Newspapers (Times-Union and Democrat and Chronicle), Rochester, NY. Theatre reviews, August 1994

ArtVoice, Rochester, NY (biweekly)
 Theatre-related interviews and reviews, September-December 1993.

City Newspaper, Rochester, NY (weekly). Arts features and reviews, 1990-1992.

Daka Magazine, Rochester, NY (monthly). Writer, 1990-1991
, monthly Little Theatre column.

Little Theatre Newsletter, Rochester, NY (quarterly). Writer/editor, 1987-1991.